Tuesday, April 4, 2017

1986, They Might Be Giants debut cassette

This Cassette Tuesday is They Might Be Giants debut self-titled cassette.

"Don't Let's Start" (youtube video at end of this page) was the single from 
They Might Be Giants debut.
I believe I heard them on the alternative radio station.
They Might Be Giants is an alternative band w/ humor
I even heard them being called "nerd rock"
very much like Barenaked Ladies but They Might Be Giants came first by a few years.
The debut has 19 songs so as you guess they are pretty short. The shortest track is 
"Toddler Hiway" at 0:26 seconds to longest "Hide Away Folk Family" at 3:21 
most of the others range from a minute to 2 minutes.
In 2002 They Might Be Giants wrote and sang the TV theme song of Malcom In The Middle
titled "Boss Of Methat became a hit and won a Grammy Award.
I did have the opportunity to see They Might Be Giants in concert. They
put on a great show and talked to the crowd. It was sort of like music w/ a some
stand-up comedy between the sets. Very entertaining.  

They Might Be Giants "They Might Be Giants" cassette


Cover unfolded

Inside Cover unfolded

Side 1

Side 2

"Don't Let's Start"

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