Tuesday, May 16, 2017

1989, Wes Craven's, Shocker: No More Mr. Nice Guy, The Music, soundtrack cassette

This Cassette Tuesday is one heavy metal soundtrack from the movie 
by Wes Craven "Shocker: No More Mr. Nice Guy, The Music" cassette.

A who's who of the 80's metal music appear in this slasher film by Wes Craven.
Produced by Desmond Child this soundtrack includes the likes of
Alice Cooper, Megadeth, Bonfire, Saraya, Dangerous Toys, 
Voodoo X, Dead On and The Dudes of Wrath. Yeah that last one was
a collaboration of musicians too many to list but Paul Stanely of KISS sings lead. This
was the closest thing to a Alice Cooper, KISS collaboration. 
Alice's manager Shep Gordon was
Executive Producer along w/ Wes Craven so there is a lot of Alice Cooper material
which I don't mind. You have Megadeth one of my favorite bands covering the classic 
"No More Mr. Nice Guy" (youtube at end of this page) that is a much heavier version but still very good. 
Then "Love Transfusion" written by Alice Cooper, Desmond Child, Vladmir Matetski and sung by Iggy Pop
which is my favorite song on this soundtrack. I would just like to hear Alice do
a version of this track. Last is the one of the worst songs by Alice Cooper
"Shockdance" as soon as I heard the opening of Alice rapping it was a total turn off.
First of all Alice shouldn't rap. End of story. He even did this on "Sister Sara
from the "Dragontown" CD. At least Alice had Xzibit sing the rap parts
on "Stand" from "Unity Athens 2004" Olympic Games Album. Alice sang
the metal verse and Xzibit sang the rap verse. Now that was ok. Dangerous Toys "Demon Bell"
is another great tune along w/ Voodoo X "Awakening". Dead On reminds me of Megadeth even 
the vocals by Mike Raptis sounds a bit like Mustaine.
As for the rest of "Shocker" soundtrack it's all 80's metal. Little did
they know that grunge was just around the corner dressed in plaid.

1989, Wes Craven's 
"Shocker: No More Mr. Nice Guy, The Music", soundtrack cassette


Cover Panel of credits

Cover unfolded

Inside Cover unfolded

Side 1

Side 2

Megadeth - "No More Mr. Nice Guy"

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