Wednesday, May 10, 2017

1996, Metal Edge, Live & Kickin', Rockin' Reunions

Here's two interesting articles from '96.
Live & Kickin' and Rockin' Reunions articles.
Live & Kickin' is quite sad w/ two musicians no longer w/ us.
Rockin' Reunions includes two bands that have now officially ended. 

Live & Kickin'
(it is w/ sadness to see the passing of two musicians 
Dimebag Darrell and Jani Lane who still should be here w/ us)

Pg 58 - 59

Rockin' Reunions
(we've seen Motley Crue and Twisted Sister finish their final tour.
As for Van Halen everybody is waiting to see what is next after their
on and off again reunion. 
Poison seems to be on a hiatus while Brett is working on side projects
like TV and solo career. While Ratt has seemed to somewhat reform missing 
a few members and law suits)

Pg 88 - 91

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