Wednesday, May 3, 2017

2007, Metal Hammer, INCOMING pullout section

In this issue of Metal Hammer includes a pullout section
that is smaller than the Metal Hammer pages
titled INCOMING. This section talks about
"28 Breaking Bands" from different styles
such as Metal, Punk, Rock, Hardcore, Alt, Freak and Goth.
A list of just some of the 28 bands talked about in this section
are: In This Moment, Speed Theory, The Chuck Norris Experiment,
Forgotten Sleep, Beehoover, Nothin' To Lose, A Day To Remember,
Die By Design, MUCC, Hurt, Karnivool, End of Level Boss,
Dead Beyond Buried, Jesus On Extasy, Legion Within
and many more. 

So here is the total section of INCOMING
Pg 67 - 82

This last page includes LIVE and DEMOS

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