Tuesday, August 22, 2017

1989, Melissa Etheridge - Brave And Crazy, cassette

Cassette Tuesday introduces American singer-songwriter
Melissa Etheridge "Brave And Crazy", 1989, cassette.

This was Melissa's second album and was the one
that caught my attention on VH1. Listening to Melissa you can't help
but think of Janis Joplin a bit and her influence as well as a fan
of Bruce Springsteen. I liked quite a few of the songs from 
"Brave And Crazy" recordings. The singles released 
were "No Souvenirs", "The Angels", and "Let Me Go".
I did buy a few more of her recordings after this release.

1989, Melissa Etheridge "Brave And Crazy" cassette.

(found this in the used bin note hole on spine)

Cover continued

Cover unfolded continued

Inside Cover unfolded

Inside Cover unfolded continued

Side A

Side B

"No Souvenirs"

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