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1973, Words & Music, The Rolling Stones

The Rolling Stones
Pg 72 - 75

Pg 73

Pg 72, pg 74 - 75

 1973, April, Words & Music

Tuesday, September 26, 2017

1992, Soul Asylum - Grave Dancers Union, cassette

This Cassette Tuesday we go with one of the most
popular releases by Soul Asylum in 1992.

Alternative rock band from Minneapolis, Minnesota Soul Asylum
started out around 1983. "Grave Dancers Union" is the 6th release
by Soul Asylum and the most popular on the charts. This release
includes 3 singles "Somebody To Shove", "Black Gold", "Without A Trace
and "Runaway Train" which won a Grammy Award for best rock song in 1994.
This is my favorite release by Soul Asylum it seems all the tracks are great.

Title "Grave Dancers Union" is a line from "Without A Trace"
that is one of my favorite songs. (see youtube end of page)

1992, Soul Asylum "Grave Dancers Union", cassette


Cover unfolded

Inside Cover unfolded

Inside Cover unfolded continued

I have no idea why they labeled the sides as 13 and 14
instead of Side 1 and 2.

Side 13

Side 14

"Without A Trace"

Monday, September 25, 2017

1980, Trouser Press, Telephone, Plastics articles

Another new old issue posted from 1980 Trouser Press

Pg 6

Pg 7

 1980, July, Trouser Press

Sunday, September 24, 2017

1974, TV-Movies Pin-Ups, David Carradine, Ben Murphy pics, Hot Hollywood and TV Gossip

Here's the introduction to an issue I am posting.
TV-Movies Pin-Ups is as you can tell is self titled.
You may see a few pages on musicians mostly teeny boppers
like Osmonds and Jackson 5.
The reason I purchased this use issue at collectibles show was because of
the Alice Cooper article that you can view on my other blog
EvenSpotSpeaks just do a search if interested in reading it.
BTW this issue is cut to shit! Almost every other page is cut out
or missing. Only reason I got it was the Alice Cooper article wasn't touched.
So you may see certain pages blacked out due to it being cut out.

Full page pics of actors
David Carradine and Ben Murphy

David Carradine
(from Kung-Fu t.v. series)
Pg 13

Ben Murphy
(best known for Alias Smith And Jones t.v. series)
Pg 12

Hot Hollywood and T.V. Gossip!
(some news/gossip on Elvis, the Osmonds,
Jackson 5, Rick Springfield, KISS,
Ringo Starr & Harry Nilsson and many more)

Pg 10 - 11

 1974, October, TV-Movies Pin-Ups

Wednesday, September 20, 2017

2000, Lollipop, Tribute to Marilyn Manson, Rainbow and Mercyful Fate

Tribute to Marilyn Manson
A Fistful Of Rock N' Roll Vols. I & II
After School Special
Pg 86

Tribute to Rainbow and Mercyful Fate
Be A Caveman The Best of The Voxx Garage Revival
Pg 87

Tuesday, September 19, 2017

1988, TSOL - Live, cassette

This Cassette Tuesday go back to a band I post before TSOL
only this time it's the 1988 "Live" cassette.

Well I spoke about TSOL on an earlier cassette but this one is their first
Live recording. A brief history TSOL started out as a hardcore punk band
but w/ band members leaving and being replaced they ended up changing their sound
to more rock by the third release.
"Live" covers "Red Shadows" and "It's Gray" from their 1984 first rock album "Change Today?
to the following next two releases "Revenge" and "Hit And Run". They also do
two classic rock covers "Road House Blues" and "All Along The Watchtower".
I really enjoy this cassette and love all the songs even the covers.
Great live recording.

1988, TSOL - "Live", cassette


Cover unfolded

Inside Cover back panel of Enigma Mailorder

Inside Cover unfolded

Side 1

Side 2

"Road House Blues"
TSOL are playing at the Coach House so he changes
the word sometimes to Coach House