Wednesday, September 13, 2017

1974, Fun Time, Donny Osmond, The Osmonds, Kevin Tighe & Randy Mantooth, Andy & David Williams, Jackson 5

This issue of FUN TIME is by 16 publication.
I purchased at a Record Convention because of the Alice Cooper article that's 
posted on my Alice blog page. Besides the Alice article there isn't any other
stories on musicians or movie stars. This magazine consist of
Dear Abby type of articles and some silly riddles and puzzles.
Mostly a lot of ads on sending fan mail to the pop stars or movie stars.

So here is just a number of pages mostly pertaining to
Donny Osmond and The Osmonds.

Donny Osmond
Inside Front Cover

Pg 15

Pin-Ups AD
Pg 19

The Osmonds
Pg 27

Kevin Tighe & Randy Mantooth, 
Andy & David Williams, Jackson 5

Inside Back Cover

 1974, February, FUN TIME

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